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Biogeochemistry in ArctiC Ecosystems (BACE)

Our research in Biogeochemistry in ArctiC Ecosystems (BACE) is centered around biogeochemical and biogeophysical processes in Arctic ecosystems. We are hence devoted to research questions relating to greenhouse gas exchange, carbon cycling and feedbacks associated with arctic ecosystems in a changing climate.

Research within the BACE-group is focused on the response of high latitude ecosystems to climate change, especially the interactions between (and within) tundra and marine ecosystems and the atmosphere. We perform measurements and modelling of greenhouse gas and energy exchange across various temporal and spatial scales.

Within Aarhus University, we are part of the Arctic Research Centre (ARC) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Climate Change (iClimate). Furthermore, we are involved in several international research and monitoring programs, see our programmes page. ​We are physically based at Ecoscience in Roskilde/Risø, Denmark.


Torben Røjle Christensen , Professor , Department of Ecoscience - Arctic Ecosystem Ecology