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Studies at Department of Ecoscience

Studies at Ecoscience

Department of Ecoscience shares the sites regarding studies with Department of Biology. By using some of the links below you will experience to be guided to the shared and updated sites at Department of Biology.

As a biology student you meet life on our planet from the smallest viruses to the largest whales. How did the forms of life begin? How do they interact in nature, and how do we manage our countryside? How are living organisms built up, and what physiological and behavioural adaptations enable survival in different habitats in a changing world? What determines the number of species and the spread of them? And what will be the biological consequences of global climate and environmental changes?

At the Department of Ecoscience you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of biological problems. A degree enables you to work scientifically with such issues on the basis of independent experiments and analyzes with the guidance of scientists at the forefront of the latest developments of techniques and know-how.

There are both staff and students at Bachelor levels, Master levels as well as PhD students.

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