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Research and Consultancy

The Department of Ecoscience has 190 permanent employees and, in addition, numerous postdocs and Ph.D. students organized in 11 sections across two work locations: Roskilde in Zealand and Aarhus in Jutland.

The department’s research areas cover most aspects of biology and ecology, spanning all biological levels from genetics, physiological processes, individuals, populations and species to entire ecosystems. Strategic and applied research account for a large part of the research activities at the Department of Ecoscience. Geographically, the department works from the tropics to the poles, but with greater focus on Danish conditions.

The department has an obligation towards the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark and the authorities in Greenland as national advisors on environmental issues. The department’s research, consultancy and teaching are linked to strong and active research groups. Several of the department’s research groups are part of the absolute world elite in their research field and have a strong international network. Many groups hold a strong position in research-based consultancy and monitoring of the environment.

The department has a strong infrastructure that supports research, consultancy and teaching activities. We have well-equipped research laboratories and growth facilities, algae cultivation facilities in connection with the Kattegatcenter, experimental fields and greenhouses as well as stream and lake mesocosmos facilities. In addition, the Department of Ecoscience runs the research station Zackenberg in northeast Greenland.

The department maintains large national environmental databases containing monitoring data for freshwater, marine and terrestrial areas, which is a unique strength for the department in connection with research, consultancy, teaching and talent development.