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Staff and PhD Students

We are currently reorganizing our telephone system, so the best way to contact us will be via email.

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Aagaard, Josephine Marie Academic employee jmaa@ecos.au.dk 7418, I1.29
Aastrup, Peter Senior Advisor paa@ecos.au.dk +4587158687 I2.15
Agarwal, Anandita PhD-student anandita@ecos.au.dk
Alison, Jamie Postdoc jalison@ecos.au.dk 1110, 318
Allentoft-Larsen, Marc Christian Academic employee mca@ecos.au.dk 7404, 143
Andersen, Hans Estrup Senior Researcher hea@ecos.au.dk +4587158768 A1.09
Andersen, Jonas Møller Logistics Specialist jma@ecos.au.dk +4593508425 7418, I1.27
Andersen, Liselotte Wesley lwa@bio.au.dk 1540
Andersen, Michelle Quach !!Specialestuderende mqa@ecos.au.dk 8615, M1.08
Andersen, Nikolaj Reducha Special Consultant nra@ecos.au.dk 7411, B1.08
Andersen, Ole Gorm Norden Academic employee oa@ecos.au.dk
Andersen, Per Special Consultant pean@ecos.au.dk +4520612746
Andersen, Peter Mejlhede Member of Administrative Staff pemean@ecos.au.dk
Andersen, Tobias Kuhlmann Postdoc tka@ecos.au.dk
Arndal, Marie Frost Special Consultant mfa@ecos.au.dk +4561667702 7418, I2.41
Asferg, Tommy !!Seniorbiolog emeritus ta@ecos.au.dk
Asmund, Gert Senior Researcher gas@ecos.au.dk +4587158491 I1.13
Audet, Joachim Senior Researcher joau@ecos.au.dk
Axelsen, Jørgen Aagaard Senior Researcher jaa@ecos.au.dk +4587158806 A3.13
Baattrup-Pedersen, Annette Senior Researcher abp@ecos.au.dk +4587158776 C2.15
Bach, Lis Senior Advisor lb@ecos.au.dk +4587158698 7418, I2.29
Bak, Jesper Leth Senior Advisor jlb@ecos.au.dk +4587158808 M3.11
Balle, Jeppe Dalgaard Academic employee jedb@ecos.au.dk +4587159062 7404, 139
Balsby, Thorsten Johannes Skovbjerg Senior Researcher thba@ecos.au.dk +4525580696 1110, 120
Barilari, Sara Member of Administrative Staff saba@ecos.au.dk
Bek Craig, Sean Birk Student Teacher
Berthelsen, Andreas Severin PhD Student asbert@ecos.au.dk
Bieger, Katrin Researcher katrin.bieger@ecos.au.dk
Bjorholm, Stine Wendelboe Fundraiser bjorholm@ecos.au.dk +4593522220 1110, 318
Bladt, Jesper Senior Advisor jb@ecos.au.dk +4593508686 1110, 324
Blicher-Mathiesen, Gitte Senior Advisor gbm@ecos.au.dk +4587158769 M1.16
Boderskov, Teis Member of Administrative Staff tebo@ecos.au.dk
Boel, Mikkel Member of Administrative Staff mibo@ecos.au.dk
Boertmann, David Senior Researcher dmb@ecos.au.dk +4587158689 I2.19
Bolding, Karsten Senior Researcher bolding@ecos.au.dk +4587159008 A1.09
Bregnballe, Thomas Senior Researcher tb@ecos.au.dk +4587159017 1110, 121
Brinkløv, Signe Marie Mygind Postdoc brinklov@ecos.au.dk 1110, 220
Bruhn, Annette Senior Researcher anbr@ecos.au.dk +4587158797 A2.10
Brunbjerg, Ane Kirstine Researcher Tenure Track akb@ecos.au.dk +4587158865 1110, 320
Bruus, Marianne Senior Researcher mbp@ecos.au.dk +4587158827 M3.09
Buur, Helle Member of Administrative Staff hbu@ecos.au.dk +4520696564 1134, 220
Capela, Nuno au710171@ecos.au.dk
Carausu, Mihail-Constantin Special Consultant mcc@ecos.au.dk +4587159051 7411, B1.34
Carstensen, Jacob Professor jac@ecos.au.dk +4587158596 7411, B1.17
Carstensen, Mette Vodder Postdoc mvc@ecos.au.dk
Castenschiold, Johan H Funder PhD Student johanhfc@ecos.au.dk 7418, I1.43
Chetcuti, Jordan Researcher jordan.chetcuti@ecos.au.dk 1110, 428
Christensen, Jesper Philip Aagaard Special Consultant jc@ecos.au.dk +4587158475 7411, B1.10
Christensen, Lilly Bach Department Secretary libc@ecos.au.dk +87151363 A1.18
Christensen, Peter Bondo Senior Researcher pbc@ecos.au.dk +4587158445 A2.18