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Teaching Activities

We provide research based teaching (either being responsible for the course or as a contributor) for a number of courses in other departments at Aarhus University.

This primarily involves courses at the Department of Biology, including the following courses:

  • The ecology of arthropods
  • Eukaryotes - Zoology
  • Freshwater ecosystems
  • Management of aquatic ecosystems
  • Management of Danish nature and the environment
  • Identifying animals and plants in lakes and streams

In addition, we provide teaching for the following courses at the Department of Agroecology:

  • Biological pest control
  • Catchment analysis and management
  • Restoration and Construction of Wetlands

As well as the course Nutrient turnover and environmental management at the Department of Food Science and the course Water and nutrient cycles at the Department of Geoscience.

Additionally, we supervise master students and Ph.D. students within the department’s fields of study, and international post docs are affiliated with the department as well.