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Climate Stress Lab

A research group led by Professor Martin Holmstrup and Associate professor Stine Slotsbo.

The research group investigates the ecophysiology and ecotoxicology of terrestrial invertebrates, with a focus on climatic and chemical stress adaptation. The group's research aims to understand the physiological and molecular mechanisms behind stress adaptations in a variety of ectothermic invertebrates, including earthworms, enchytraeids, collembolans, mites and slugs.

The research helps us to understand how terrestrial invertebrates respond to climate change and other environmental stressors. A knowledge essential for developing conservation strategies and mitigating the negative impacts of human activity on soil ecosystems.

The research group is also collaborating with industry to develop innovative solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

Climate Stress Lab on a field trip at Mols collecting springtails for drought experiments.

We found several hundred cosmopolitan springtails Entomobrya nivalis, on the branches of mulberry bushes.

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