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Findplanten.dk (Danish site)

  • find the plants to your own biodiversity project

What is it?

At Findplanten.dk we help you find plant species that have many fauna interactions and, thus, are good for biodiversity. Plants are a good starting point, as they constitute a rich resource and can provide food and habitats for animals.

Plants on Findplanten.dk are predominantly perennial, common species, and almost all are native to Denmark. We have included a few non-native species that are not considered invasive.

What can you do on the website?

The website is structured so that on a map of Denmark, you can zoom in on exactly the area where you are interested in planting. Once you have done this, you will be guided through a number of questions regarding the area as a habitat for plants: soil type, acidity, humidity, and light and nutrient conditions. If you are in doubt, you can select 'not specified', and you will get a list of species selected based on knowledge about the geological source material at the site. When you have described the habitat, you will receive a result that shows suitable plants for the area. Here, you can also make your search more precise. For example, you can choose species that are only perennial, bloom at a certain point in time, have a certain flower colour, height or e.g. only support butterflies. The result can be downloaded as a PDF file. Now you are ready to look for seeds or plants for your project.

If you want to know more about the plants and the animals that feed off or on them, click Photo, then you will receive a link to the plants at arter.dk and naturbasen.dk. There is also a brief text about the interplay between the plant and different animals (primarily bees, butterflies, birds). This part of the website will be updated regularly.