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New Sea

New concept for integrated assessment of pollution sources in the Sea

Nyt koncept til integreret miljøvurdering af forureningskilder i havet

Environmentally hazardous substances (HS) are released to coastal waters from point sources such as wastewater treatment plants, industries, precipitation-related overflow, dredging of contaminated sediments, aquaculture, harbours, dockyards, and fire drills (Table 1 and 2). HS may pose a direct toxic threat to marine organisms. Further, due to bioaccumulation of the HS in the food web, humans consuming mussel, crustacean, and fish may also be at risk.

The aim of the NewSea project is to develop a new concept including several tools for assessing distribution and effects of hazardous substances (HS) discharged from several point sources to coastal waters.


Professor Marie Maar