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Small Biotopes

This website presents the ongoing results and conclusions of the project Small Biotopes, which is carried out by the Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University and is funded and commissioned by the Danish Agricultural Agency. The project aims to document the biodiversity and biodiversity potential of the newly created small biotopes. As part of the project, mapping of habitats for, and possible occurrences of, a number of endangered species on Annex II and IV of the Habitats Directive, breeding birds and wild bees will be carried out. The work will also involve mapping all plant species in the small biotopes. In addition, the duration of the small biotopes and their effects on the development of biodiversity will be assessed. The project will run from 2023 through 2027. In 2023, inventories were made of the size, area type and nature value of the individual small biotopes, defined as the Biodiversity map's bioscore.