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The Department of Ecoscience studies species in many contexts. Among other things, we register species on the boulder reefs and on the soft sea bed. The majority of the species we register there are macroalgae, sea-bristles, mussels, snails, echinoderms, crustaceans, coelenterates and sea anemones.

In addition to our own studies, we also contribute to identifying species in connection with the marine NOVANA programme, which is carried out by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

This page is originally intended as a common platform for exchanging articles and notes concerning new species registrations as well as links to working documents that support the species identification.

Most recently, documents concerning gastropoda (snails) and echinodermata (echinoderms) have been updated.


Various articles on the topic

Heteromysis formosa en ny myside (Crustacea, krebsdyr) for Danmark

Ole Gorm Norden Andersen, Steffen Lundsteen and Marie-Louise Worsøe Maarup (2016).

The myside Heteroomysis formosa Smith, 1873, a crustacean, is currently not in the Danish species catalog, Allearter.dk (as of  25.03.2016). However, it has been found in Danish waters in 2012 and again in 2015. Both findings er from the northern part of Kattegat.

Full text as PDF

Coccotylus brodiei, C. truncatus and other Phyllophoraceae (Rhodophyta) in Danish waters

Steffen Lundsteen and Ruth Nielsen. (Received 07-12-2015).

Specimens of Coccotylus brodiei and C. truncatus from Danish waters are presented with a reappraisal of how to distinguish them. An identification key for Phyllophoraceae as they occur in Danish waters is included. Specimens previously referred to as Phyllophora brodiei f. concatenata, P. brodiei f. filiformis, P. brodiei f. stellata and P. bordiei f. ligulata are considered to belong in Coccotylus brodiei.

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Om artsbestemmelse af dyr fra jævnbund og blandet bund i danske farvande

Steffen Lundsteen and Ole Gorm Norden Andersen. (Received 11-09-2014).

Review and lists of some literature for identifying animals from the marine even bottom and mixed bottom in Danish waters. Proposal for taxonomic notation by registering the results of the identification, including in databases. Some species that may be difficult to identify are mentioned or discussed, particularly several species of mussels.

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Working documents

Porifera (havsvampe)
(10 species)
Lundsteen, S

Hydrozoa (hydroider)
(20 species)
Lundsteen, S

Polychaeta (havbørsteorme)
(About 100 species)
Maarup, M-L.W

Gastropoda (snegle)
(29 species)
Maarup, M-L.W

Bivalvia (muslinger)
(44 species)
Maarup, M-L.W

Bryozoa (mosdyr) og Entroprocta
(22 species)
Lundsteen, S

Echinodermata (pighude)
(16 species)
Maarup, M-L.W



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