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Offshore wind turbines are an important element in the green transition. With political agreements about a significant increase in the number of offshore wind turbines, significantly more new offshore wind farms will be built. It is crucial that this development does not come at the expense of nature and biodiversity. Therefore, there is a need for data collection, which can be used in environmental assessments prior to the construction of the offshore wind farms. The Centre for Green Transition and Marine Ecology (GTM) has been formed to contribute to this.

The projects of GTM focus on elucidating and revealing some of the most important issues in relation to the overall development of offshore wind. It is also crucial that the cumulative effects on nature are identified, and GTM will contribute to more comprehensive and general assessments of effects, which can be used to identify problems and mitigation measures to ensure the greatest possible consideration of nature and environment.

The Centre for Green Transition and Marine Ecology includes the following major projects:

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Top photo: Wind turbines in the North Sea
Photographer: Signe Sveegaard ©