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About GTM

Purpose of GTM

The aims of the Centre for Green Transition and Marine Ecology are to:

  • Follow the development of two energy islands in the North Sea.
  • Investigate how the physical changes of offshore wind farms to the habitats of the seabed affect biodiversity, and how this develops in the years after a wind farm has been put into operation.
  • Bring about an understanding of the consequences that the presence of offshore wind turbines can have on bird populations in Danish waters.
  • Measure the effect of new offshore wind farms on marine mammals, including the extent to which the wind farms affect the availability of food and the extent of underwater noise as well as the extent to which the affected areas are important for marine mammals.
  • Obtain more knowledge about bat migration and foraging behaviour over Danish waters so that the impact on mortality and the deteriorated conservation status of bat populations when establishing offshore wind farms can be estimated.
  • Map the distribution of selected key and protected fish species in Danish waters as well as their spawning, rearing and foraging areas and important migration routes.
  • Improve our understanding of the consequences of changes in the hydrodynamics of large-scale development of offshore wind farms in Danish waters.
  • Achieve an in-depth mapping and environmental risk assessment of potential derived environmental effects from CO2 neutral fuels.