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Biological control of snails and slugs

Snails are severe pests in arable crops and constitute an increasing problem, particularly the grey field slug species Deroceras reticulatum causes significant damage to winter wheat and rapeseed. Revised cultivation practices and climate change have improved conditions for the snails.

This is not only a problem in Denmark, but in large parts of Europe as well

Despite the fact that snails are a huge problem and cost agriculture 1 billion yield losses a year, there is still much we do not know about these snails.

We are currently working on a large 4-year project, in which we are collaborating with various business partners on developing better pest control strategy and, in addition, we are working on developing biological control for snails in fields.

If you would like to be part of the project or if you simply would like to learn more about snails in general, we have many options for master’s theses. It is also possible to do project work or bachelor projects on snails.

They can be both laboratory studies and/or field studies that interest you.

You are also more than welcome to stop by for an informal talk about the possibilities.