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The Centre for Green Transition and Marine Ecology works to provide clarifications and material for detailed environmental assessments before the construction of offshore wind farms. Among others, we are involved in the following large-scale projects:

The project pages link to information about ongoing research results that are relevant for each area.

Energy Islands North Sea

Denmark will be the first country in the world to develop two energy islands with a capacity that takes into account a grid connection of a total of 5 GW of offshore wind. One of the islands is to be located in the North Sea with an installed capacity of 3 GW of offshore wind around the island. The island can be further scaled up and thus allow for a grid connection of up to 10 GW of offshore wind. The project name is "Energy Island – North Sea" and is expected to be fully operational in 2033.

North Sea I offshore wind farm

The North Sea I project will undertake offshore surveys of birds, bats and marine mammals in a specified area of the North Sea.


Offshore Low-trophic Aquaculture in Multi-Use scenario Realisation will demonstrate and promote multi-use low trophic aquaculture (MU-LTA) in both low and high salinity offshore waters, bringing together state-of-the- art practices in MU-LTA and key industry partners, achieving at least TRL7 and paving the way for a low- impact and low-carbon seafood industry.