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Liyan Xie

My research focuses on ecotoxicology and a little bit more in mechanistic toxicology in soil invertebrate. My first research into soil invertebrate was to see how springtail reacts to the neonicotinoid in terms of genetic expression (e.g. cyp450). What I am doing now is shifting to a higher organizational level in soil invertebrates. For example, when exposing springtail to natural stressors with contaminants, will the effect be the same at the individual and population level. At a later phase of my PhD study, more investigation goes into the energy costs in detoxification and repair of toxicant injuries at individual and population level by developing and using Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) framework. By all the above, to make the environmental risk assessment of chemicals more realistic and relevant in the future.

Contact info

Vejlsøvej 25
8600 Silkeborg

Mail: liyan.xie@bios.au.dk