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Morgane Touzot

My research is at the interface between ecophysiology and conservation biology. I am fascinated by how organisms cope with environmental stresses, and the molecular, physiological and behavioural mechanisms that underlie these responses and adaptations.

During my PhD work and my first postdoc as a researcher and teaching assistant, I was particularly interested in the influence of artificial light at night on the ecophysiological mechanisms regulating the life history traits of anuran species. By developing an experimental and integrative approach, I demonstrated, in adults and tadpoles, the effects of artificial light at night ranging from changes in gene expression to disruption of animal behavior (use of two complementary molecular approaches: RNA-seq and RT-qPCR, hormonal assays, morphometric measurements, energy balance, behavioral analysis and fitness measurements). To search for a common pattern of biological consequences of this pollution, I conducted studies in several anuran species: the common toad, Bufo bufo, the cane toad, Rhinella marina, and the agile frog, Rana dalmatina. I am currently pursuing this work, mainly looking at the consequences of artificial light at night in tadpoles by combining an evaluation of the expression of specific genes, a measurement of the activity of specific enzymes and recording of individual’s physical activity.

Currently, during my second postdoc, I am interested in the ecophysiological and molecular mechanisms allowing thermal adaptation and responses in soil invertebrates. More specifically, I am investigating the ecophysiological and genomic signature of evolutionary adaptation to extreme temperature conditions within a freeze-tolerant ectothermic animal, a small earthworm, Enchytraeus albidus, which is an ecologically important secondary decomposer widely distributed along an extended climatic gradient (Arctic, subarctic and temperate regions of North America and Europe).

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Mail: morgane.touzot@ecos.au.dk

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