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Fieldwork in the Nuuk fjord: April 27th - 3rd of May

Participants: Thomas Ager, Karl Isaksen, Mie Winding and Mikael Sejr

Nuup Kangerlua is an ideal study site for identifying floating macroalgae densities on a local scale. The fjord is characterized by its extensive coastline that covers about 1200 kilometers with extended macroalgae habitats that are known to contain the presence of buoyant macroalgae such as Saccharina latissima & Alaria esculenta. The fjord outlet constitutes a narrow strait spanning only ~5 km which floating macroalgae would need to pass in order to potentially reach deep sea carbon sinks beyond the fjord system, which eases the quantification of floating macroalgae being exported from the fjord system. We combined field observations from ship transects, drones and ROVs, with surface ocean GPS trackers and high resolution satellite images and laboratory experiments to quantify the blue carbon potential of a Greenland fjord (WP 3.3).