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Worms as fish feed

The goal of the project is to develop economically and environmentally sustainable feed for fish larvae and fish based on mass production of the white worm Enchytraeus albidus. This worm occurs naturally in washed up partially decomposed seaweed on beaches, where it is found in enormous densities. We therefore believe that Enchytraeus can be mass produced using collected seaweed from the beach as a food source, if the right environmental conditions are maintained. The project will pinpoint these conditions, e.g. in regard to temperature, humidity, salinity, quality of seaweed etc. on a laboratory scale. In later phases of the project, we will explore how to upscale to extensive (and inexpensive) mass production. Enchytraeus grown on seaweed contains nutrients that are important for ensuring good health, growth and survival in fish production. The aim of the project is therefore also to examine the feed value for fish (turbot, kingfish and whitefish) in controlled studies. We are collaborating with several business partners in this project, among others Fishlab.

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