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For researchers


At BIO Match, you will have the opportunity to build new relationships and discuss exciting opportunities for collaboration with businesses, organizations and authorities, both on a small and large scale. 

Additionally, you will be able to meet representatives from several foundations that support cross-disciplinary research collaboration with businesses, interest organizations and authorities.


  • Gain access and get inspiration to research and business collaboration
  • Gain access to business partners for industrial PhDs
  • Gain access to business partners for industrial post docs
  • Have the opportunity to draw potential partners’ attention to your research
  • Have the opportunity to meet your or your section’s coming master’s students
  • Network with researchers, students and participating representatives from foundations, businesses, organizations and authorities
  • Gain insight into which businesses the Department is preparing their master’s students for
  • Become familiar with which tasks, clients and challenges the businesses face – and get ideas as to how you can collaborate and be innovative

As a researcher, you also have the opportunity to give a brief presentation (one minute) as part of the One Minute Madness session.