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Nordisk Tang

Nordisk Tang in Grenaa has one goal: To get seaweed back on the Danish dinner tables. Among other things, their products include bags with a breadcrumb mix, seaweed almonds and seaweed whole grain flour, which is a mixture of Dalar wheat, Ølands wheat and pieces of seaweed. The company's best sellers are their seaweed pesto products, a result of a collaboration with Aarhus University.

Originally, the idea emerged because Heine Olsen from Friskfisken in Grenå wanted to develop seaweed products, e.g. seaweed sheets for sushi or a tasty seaweed salad. For this reason, he contacted Algae Center Danmark, which is part of a consortium with Aarhus University. However, the seaweed sheet and salad project turned out to be easier said than done, and instead the idea of a seaweed pesto arose.

Based on this, Heine established the company Nordisk Tang. The company, which today has been merged with Endelave Seaweed, won the 2015 Business Region Aarhus’ entrepreneur award for “Best Product” as well as the entrepreneur award “Thumbs up”.

“Our partnership with AU Ecoscience formed the basis of the establishment of Nordisk Tang. We are now the leading seaweed company focusing on food in Northern Europe,” says Bjarne Ottesen, product developer and seaweed technician at Nordisk Tang.

Algae Center Denmark is a collaboration between Aarhus University, the Danish Technological Institute and the Kattegat Centre.

*Friskfisken, AU Ecoscience and the Kattegatcenter applied for and received a “Knowledge coupon” from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.


Foto af Bjarne Ottesen

Bjarne Ottesen
Product developer and seaweed technician, now at Tanggården Endelave