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Head of Department

The daily management is performed by our Head of Department and Senior Researcher Mikkel Tamstorf together with three Deputy Heads of Department and the Head of the Department Secretariat.

Deputy Heads of Department

John Jensen

Deputy Head of Department, senior Researcher

Eva Friis Møller

Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Flemming Skov

Deputy Head of Department, Senior Researcher

Head of Secretariat

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The core of the organisational structure is its sections, academic networks and various committees. The committees advise the management on the specialised area covered by the expertise of each committee, and the chairs of the various committees and the Section Managers act as sparring partners for the Department’s management.

The researchers at the Department of Ecoscience are organised into a number of sections. The sections are units with a shared focus on a particular aspect of the field of biology, and the development, cultivation and coordination of the faculty’s research areas are anchored in the sections.