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Department of Bioscience changes its name to Department of Ecoscience

On 1 October 2021, Department of Bioscience will change its name to Department of Ecoscience. The Department has an ecosystem-oriented approach to research, and "ecology" means the study of the relationship between living creatures and their environment - the study of ecosystems - giving a clear signal that the Department focuses on the branch of natural sciences that deals with ecosystems and ecology.


On 1 January 2020, Department of Bioscience was divided when the Faculty of Science and Technology was split into two new faculties – Technical Sciences (TECH) and Natural Sciences (NAT). In connection with this division, part of the Department was placed under NAT and the other part under TECH. For various reasons, including a change of Department Head, the name change of the part under TECH was not completed and the name remained Bioscience.

However, the Department is now ready with a new strategy, which will be launched on 1 October, and as we want to look ahead, it has been decided that the Department will change its name as of 1 October 2021 to: Department of Ecoscience.

Practical information

The aim is for the name change to be reflected in all our systems by 1 October, but due to the different set-up of the individual systems it will probably last a few weeks before it is fully implemented. Therefore, during this period the old name may still appear, but we are working to complete the name change process as fast as possible.

WEB: Change from www.bios.au.dk to www.ecos.au.dk.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: Change from xxx@bios.au.dk to xxx@ecos.au.dk – but the old email addresses will continue to work and emails will be forwarded to the recipient. LINKEDIN: Change from “Department of Bioscience - Aarhus University” to “Department of Ecoscience - Aarhus University”, but if you follow the page, you will continue to do so despite the name change.

We hope that you will not experience any problems in connection with our change of name. If you have any questions regarding the change of name, please contact Head of Secretariat Helene Nyegaard Hvid, helene.hvid@ecos.au.dk.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Best regards,

Ole Hertel, Department Head