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Fotografer hhv. Annica Olesen, Karen Hansen, Torben Lauridsen og Annica Olesen

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Completed project in December 2019

Reducing nutrient runoff from agriculture is an important agenda in the agricultural and food sector. For this purpose, planted mini-wetlands can be an effective measure. It is, however, difficult to procure plants for the wetlands and they are often expensive to purchase.

The project PLANTNAT will develop a plant production that will make it easier to procure wetland plants and macrophytes for the mini-wetlands. The plants will be selected following multi-function criteria to ensure that they can be cultivated in plant lagoons, moved into mini-wetlands, have a long growing season, be effective in removing nutrients and contribute to biodiversity.

This was a development and research project under GUDP.

Besides the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, the following partners participated in the project:

Images on this site: Annica Olesen, Karen Hansen, Torben Linding Lauridsen and Annica Olesen